1. Leaflets

Trayco The Push
Trayco The Box
Trayco Fixation Clip
Trayco Solar
Trayco Solar Shelter
Fully screwless mounting

2. Catalogs

Trayco Brochure (EN)
Catalogue 2019

3. Pricelists

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4. Database Cafca

Download Cafca database

5. Instructions floor system

The box - flowchart (ENG - DU)

6. Videos

6.1. Trayco - corporate

6.2.1. Company movie

6.2. Innovative cable support systems

6.2.1. Fully screwless mounting by Trayco

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6.2.2. THE.PUSH by Trayco

6.2.3. MT-DCL by Trayco

6.2.4. THE.FORCE by Trayco

6.3. TTHE.BOX, plug & play floor system

6.3.1. THE.BOX, general presentation

6.3.2. THE.BOX, mounting instructions

6.3.3. THE.BOX, non flame propagating system

6.4. SOLAR by Tracyo, superfast and flexibel solar mounting solutions

6.4.1. SOLAR by Trayco, introduction movie