Our Production

The art of innovative manufacturing

Looking for products that are tailored to your ease of use?
Well, at Trayco®, you’ve come to the right place! As a Belgian manufacturer of cable support systems, we make, in Oudenaarde, state-of-the-art pro- ducts with the very latest designs. Our machinery is expressly tailored to suit the needs of the sector and built to reflect product improvements and optimal quality. Similarly, our warehouses, internal structures, decision lines and software packages are geared to fast, qualitative and innovative service.

The art of delivering quality

You want to deliver quality, and for Trayco® it’s the same.
This quality philosophy is part of our business culture. This makes Trayco® a reliable partner. We acquired many years’ expertise in standardization, getting actively involved with testing agencies. All our products are therefore tested to the international standard IEC 61537. Our base material meets the highest expectations and is handled and processed with the greatest possible care. There is no room for compromise in the different processes: quality, reliability and durability matter most. Everything is kept on track via calibration, routine checks, and
work- and assembly instructions. So you can be doubly sure on our quality of our products.