A Belgian manufacturer, with trade sales and expert advice of cable support systems.
» Headquartered in Oudenaarde
» Founders: 
  • Geert Ballet
    17 years’ operational experience in cable support systems
  • Pieter Tsjoen
    10 years’ experience as entrepreneur and general manager of Vento NV
» A 5000 m2 central dispatching- and production warehouse in Oudenaarde
» Ca. 1,000 stock items
» Webshop

The art of managing cables

The grand master of structuring is Piet Mondriaan. With his well-balanced line patterns and his clearly delineated zones, this world-famous artist has ensured perfect harmony. He became a source of inspiration for many architects and designers. You too can achieve harmony in your design and on your building site. Trayco® helps you become a master in the orderly laying of cables.

The art of combining knowledge with experience

For good cable management, you need the right materials. The many years’ experience in the sector raises this to its highest form, namely fine art.Thanks to this experience, we succeed in tailoring our processes, production lines, products and service to our customers’ wishes. This brings some fresh air into the design process and also a very customer-oriented approach, in which by listening, thinking along with the customer and providing a first-class service, we are on the ball, 24/7.

The art of innovative manufacturing

Looking for products that are tailored to your ease of use? Well, at Trayco®, you’ve come to the right shop! As a Belgian manufacturer of cable support systems, we make, in Oudenaarde, state-of-the-art pro- ducts with the very latest designs. Our machinery is expressly tailored to suit the needs of the sector and built to reflect product improvements and optimal quality. Similarly, our warehouses, internal structures, decision lines and software packages are geared to fast, qualitative and innovative service.

The art of customer-focused thinking

When managing your cables, you’re confronted with technical aspects and environmental factors. So it’s important that someone listens to you and suggests the right products for the right application.
And, naturally, you also want products that are easy to install.
Well, at Trayco®, we go one step further.
Our products have been developed at the request of customers, sales representatives and distributors. Indeed, for years on end, we collected comments and suggestions about product changes. The speed and simplicity of assembly, cost price, sustainability, quality and safety were all optimally taken into consideration. Our product range is transparent and simple. That way you retain an overview, at all times, and you optimally, safely and quickly put your cables in order, in the cableways.

The art of delivering quality

You want to deliver quality, and for Trayco® it’s the same. This quality philosophy is part of our business culture. This makes Trayco® a reliable partner. We acquired many years’ expertise in standardization, getting actively involved with testing agencies. All our products are therefore tested to the international standard IEC 61537. Our base material meets the highest expectations and is handled and processed with the greatest possible care. There is no room for compromise in the different processes: quality, reliability and durability matter most. Everything is kept on track via calibration, routine checks, and work- and assembly instructions. So you can be doubly sure on our quality of our products.

The art of lending tailored advice

As a professional, people expect you to come up with the right solution and have an answer to everything. But even the most experienced professional has his own doubts at times. To have the backing of an experienced team does, therefore, come in handy. And very reassuring, no doubt if you, yourself, like to give advice! Environmental factors, bearing load, mounting applications,... all things that you need to factor in. That’s why our experts assist you in word and deed. That way, we think along with you right from the inception of your projects. We help you with material selection for different applications and give expert advice tailored to your specific needs. A service promise that we will gladly fulfil.

The art of being reachable online 24/7

You have 101 things to organize or take care of. Your customers expect you to be at their beck and call. That’s why we are on hand, 24/7, to take your orders online. That’s also possible by phone or by fax during business hours. We adapt to your busy schedule. That’s one big worry less for you.
Send in your orders from your office, from home or even from the construction site, all via the webshop. Consult stock levels, availabilities, delivery dates or the current status of your ship- ments in a few mouse-clicks. You’ll get a text message or an email from us once your goods are ready for collection at our warehouse or when they’ll be delivered to your site. They could be with you within 24h, if needed. We make every effort to provide the highest level of service.

The art of sharing passion

Do you prefer to work with people who do their job enthusiastically and who gladly take care of their customers? If that’s the case, you’ll definitely feel pampered at Trayco®! As we pay a lot of attention to our team and that’s something that you, the customer, are sure to pick up on. All our people share the same entrepreneurial zeal and passion. Many of them have many years’ experience in the sector and other specialist fields.
But we also give young people the chance to extend themselves and learn new skills. At Trayco® we coach, motivate and stimulate people via agreeable work- and ‘do and experience’ areas, career planning, employee guidance interviews, etc. Last but not least, as enthusiastic employees, they ensure your total satisfaction.


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